How to optimize your product photos easily
optimize your product photos easily


You simply must optimize your product photos to get a fast website. It’s actually more important than coding and all those hard things to do. And that’s what I’ll teach you in this post…

If you’re just beginning your career on the web, you probably already are feeling exhausted by all the new things you have to do. To have a nice and simple website that runs smoothly is not an easy task! And one of the most important things for your website is to have a fast one. Otherwise, your potential customers will quickly lose interest and not even wait for your beautiful product photos to load (If you don’t already have your product photos done, you can read more about what product photos you need here).

And that is why you must optimize your product images!

But how do you actually do that? And can everyone do it? Yes absolutely, everyone can do it. It can feel a bit time-consuming but it’s super easy and everyone – yes everyone can manage to do it by themselves. It only requires a pinch of patience!

How to optimize your product photos

How to optimize your product photos – without photoshop

If you’re not using photoshop at all, it might be too expensive for you to purchase it, only to compress your images, especially when there are other ways to solve the compression. Here is your step-by-step guide to optimize your product photos without photoshop:

  1. Crop your image to 1000×667 px (around these dimensions).
  2. Compress your image on a website like tinypng. (If you have photoshop you can actually compress your image to a tiny .png-file yourself – straight in photoshop!)
  3. Download the image to a folder on your computer.
  4. Upload your new optimized image to your website, and you’ll quickly notice the difference in your website speed.

Optimize your images – with photoshop

If you’re a photographer, a creative director, or just have photoshop on hand for any reason – you can actually compress your product images into a small .png file easily right there in photoshop. Here is your step-by-step guide to optimizing your product photos with photoshop:

  1. When you’ve finished editing your product photo in photoshop – you crop the image size to 1000×667 px (approximately.
  2. After that, you click file -> export as -> save for web…
  3. Now a box should appear and in the right corner of this big box, you can choose different formats. You should now choose the format png-24.
  4. Click save, and save the file as usual.
  5. Upload your new optimized photo to your website and enjoy the speed!

Why decrease the size of an image with high resolution?

The question might appear in your head – why would I take a photo with high resolution and decrease the size? And not just decrease the size, lower the quality of it? Why should I even bother to take high-resolution images at all, if I must decrease the size anyway?

Well – your images will still appear as high-quality images, even if you decrease the size. Let me show you the before and after optimizing my image with photoshop. I myself prefer to optimize my images in photoshop because I believe the quality remains better than when you optimize it on the web. So if you have a photographer that takes the product images for you, you could probably just ask her to optimize the images for you as well.

before and after optimizing high quality image

So after all – it does make a difference to use high-quality images for your products even though you have to optimize your product photos in the end. There are no shortcuts regarding this matter, unfortunately. But it totally pays off to do it right from start. I myself tried to take the shortcut when I began my journey of having my own website, but it just ended up in a really slow website, and me having to upload the images one more time, which in the end was more time-consuming for me than just doing it right from start.

Lesson learned from this article: if you’re lazy – your website will be too… So just do it… And do it right!