4 product photos you need on your products
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4 product images you need for your brand

Taking product photos is a project in itself. Sometimes you might send goods to an influencer or a photographer who helps you take photos. But without a strategy and without knowing which images you want delivered, the collaboration/service will not turn out the way you imagined. Even when you hire a photographer, it’s important that you have a rough idea of what kind of photos you want. After all, it’s your brand and your products.

If you nail these 4 different types of product images (preferably in several different angles and environments), you have come a long way.

Simple product photos

product photos

(Photo made for Fragranta, with stock library for brands)

Simple product images may look different. The most common are product images that have completely white backgrounds so that the product can be seen as well and clearly as possible. It is especially good for you who have an online store because the customer can then quickly see what the product you intend to sell looks like. However, it’s good to supplement the simplest product image with stylized product images, lifestyle images, and detailed images. Here above you see an example of a simple product photo with some shadows, which also works well on a website. It all depends, of course, on what audience you’re targeting and your brand as a whole. What suits someone, doesn’t necessarily suit you. Therefore it’s important that you know which target audience you have before you’re starting taking photos of your products. Especially if you’re hiring someone to help you.

Styled product photos

product photos

(Photo made for Fragranta, with stock library for brands)

Styled product images or so-called lifestyle images give the context of your product. It helps the customer imagine how your products will look in their homes. These are images that are styled in an environment. It’s important that it looks as realistic and natural as possible.

It’s also good to think about choosing an environment that fits your target audience. If you haven’t figured out a very specific target audience yet, I really recommend that you do so before you start taking photos of your products, or hiring someone to do so. It’s a very important part of how well the images will be received. So it doesn’t matter how nice the photos are if it doesn’t appeal to your target audience! In fact, there are no shortcuts if you want sales to go well.

In use

product photos you need
(Photo made for Fragranta, with stock library for brands)

It’s also good to show how the product looks when in use. For example, it could be like the photo above, where the customer can see a hand pouring in some oil in the air diffuser.

Product photos, where the customer can see when the product is being used are especially good to increase trust for you and your products. To see that you’re not hiding anything from the customer, and the customer doesn’t have much to be surprised over when they finally receive their own package. Everyone has different expectations and thoughts. The more you show, the less chance that someone will be disappointed. Which in turn will result in more satisfied customers and your product ending up in the right hands!

Detail shots

product images detail shot

Detail shots show the customer what the product looks like up close. This type of image leaves a stronger impression and is more artistic. It’s good to vary with close-up shots, espacially in social media so that it doesn’t get too monotonous. Who doesn’t love close ups?